The Art of Hugging

Cover of the book THE ART OF HUGGING From the Preface:
This new book, which was published in January 1996, covers every aspect of Hugging. It is based, in part, on a 246-question survey distributed via Usenet newsgroups and e-mail that was available to over 20 million people worldwide. We received responses from 1,269 men and women, ranging in age from 13 to 68, in twenty-three countries.

The book contains plenty of practical advice on how to make yourself more huggable based on their responses. We also examine over twenty different types of hugs--from basic heart-to-heart and side-by-side hugs to more unusual moving hugs and group hugs and specialized forms of hugging like holding hands and hugging in bed and during sex--explaining how to do every hug and highlighting what men and women like and dislike about each one. The final section on hugging technique is the result of tabulating and analyzing comments from people all over the world.

How can this book help you?
If you're a guy, this book will tell you what women want. You'll learn why they crave hugs and how hugging can make them love you more. Most importantly you'll learn how to hug so that your lover will feel like she's melting in your arms.

If you're a woman, you'll learn why men think of hugs in a slightly different way. You'll learn how to talk with them about hugs and how to get your partner to hug you the way you like--especially if you give this book as a gift.

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Special message from the author: If you own this book, I'll answer any hugging questions you have by email for life. I'm that confident that the book will help you! Please buy a copy--the small amount of money I earn from it goes toward my continuing research into relationships.

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