The Art of Kissing

A Multimedia Presentation by William Cane

Your school will watch William Cane's presentation spellbound as he uses music, slides, and live demonstrations by students from your college to show exactly how to overcome kissing shyness and do thirty different types of kisses. Cane's multimedia presentation on The Art of Kissing helps students discover how to get over their first kiss jitters. Through an entertaining mix of discussion and demonstration, he prepares even the most experienced kissers for lip-to-lip communication like they've never experienced it before.

Couples kissing during one of William Cane's lectures


This is a photo of some of the demonstrators kissing during a lecture Mr. Cane gave at Boston College. Notice how involved these RA's are in what they're doing, as if nothing could distract them, even though they're in front of hundreds of cheering students.

Here is a look at what happens during a college kissing show. This clip features William Cane directing the kissing show at the University of Delaware.

What the presentation includes:
Topics covered include the psychology of kissing, types of kisses, and methods of making yourself more kissable in the eyes of the opposite sex. Let the man who is considered the world's authority on kissing delight your audience with tips for more intimate kisses, advice on where men and women like to be kissed best (based on the first Internet kissing survey in history), bizarre kissing customs from around the world, the newest fads in French kissing, and point by point instructions for today's trendiest kisses, including: the upside-down kiss, lip-o-suction, the vacuum kiss, the music kiss, the Trobriand Islands kiss and more.

Here is a more extended look at what happens during the kissing show. This clip features the neck kiss and the dentist fantasy skit.

Why is kissing so popular?
You know the answer to this question, so we don't think we have to say any more about it. William Cane has received thousands of phone calls and letters with questions, concerns and comments about kissing techniques, so he knows exactly what's on your audience's mind. There won't be a single dropout when he conducts his kissing school live on your campus.

About the speaker
William Cane is the pen name of Michael Christian, who taught English at Boston College for fifteen years, and who has been researching this topic "since a very early age." Author of The Book of Kisses and
The Art of Hugging, he lives in Jersey City. Mr. Cane was educated at Boston College Law School and practiced law briefly in 1986. He also received a Master of Arts degree in English at Boston University, and he has written for Woman's Day, Seventeen, and other national and local newspapers and magazines. He has also written The Art of Hugging (St. Martin's Press, 1996), and The Art of Kissing Book of Questions and Answers (St. Martin's press, 1999) and is the producer of the popular instructional videos and DVDs HOW TO FRENCH KISS and HOW TO KISS, in both of which he makes a cameo appearance. He currently lectures on kissing at leading colleges and universities.

Photo of William Cane

Photo of William Cane


For information on how to invite him to lecture at your college or university, contact:

The Contemporary Issues Agency
809 Turnberry Drive, Waunakee, WI 53597
President: Kevin Moore, Vice-president: Jayne Moore
Phone: (800) 843-2179


The Art of Kissing, the book


The Art of Kissing, (St. Martin's Press, revised edition 1995). Since the initial publication of his comprehensive kisser's manual, The Art of Kissing, author William Cane has received thousands of phone calls, letters, and e-mails from readers with questions, concerns, and comments about their kissing techniques. In this revised edition of an international classic (now published in nineteen countries and seventeen languages), he shares their insights, responds to their questions, and calms their kissing qualms with more of the lip-smacking wisdom his fans have been waiting for. New topics include:

The kinds of kisses men and women like most (and least!) according to the results of the world's first Internet kissing survey.

How to overcome your kissing shyness and kissing anxieties.

More lips-on instruction and wisdom from real kissers on how to perfect the first kiss, the eye kiss, the nose kiss, the neck kiss, the public kiss, and the wet kiss, as well as complete instructions for all-new kisses, including the butterfly kiss, the friendly kiss, and the lip-o-suction kiss.


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Also available: The Book of Kisses (St. Martin's Press, 1993), a collection of more than 500 of the most passionate, romantic, outlandish, and wonderful quotations on the intimate art of kissing. This book includes sections on movie and television kissing, advice about kissing, actor kisses (quotes from the likes of Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, and Sharon Stone on what it's like to kiss in movies), kissing technique, prohibited kisses, and much more.


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