By the author of The Art of Kissing

Standard Kissing Lesson $155 — Couples only. A comprehensive lesson suitable for experienced kissers who want to develop new sensitivity, greater ability and better technique. The standard kissing lesson is also suitable for teens, adults and seniors. The lesson is taught by Michael Christian (pen name William Cane) author of The Art of Kissing, so you can be sure it covers everything you need to know. (The fee for having the lesson in New York City is $175. The fee for a lesson with a surrogate kisser is $255.)

Deluxe Kissing Lesson $355 — Couples only. The Deluxe Kissing Lesson includes everything in the Standard Kissing Lesson plus the presence of a second kissing couple to demonstrate techniques for you. The second couple has been specially trained to demonstrate kissing techniques. You’ll learn by watching them as well as by practicing the kisses yourself with your partner. 

Q. What is a surrogate lesson?
A.This lesson is for those who do not have a partner. You will be provided with a surrogate partner trained by William Cane.

Q. Who teaches the lessons?
A. Michael Christian (pen name William Cane) has directed over three thousand people in how to kiss. He has been called the world's leading authority on kissing, America's favorite kissing expert, and the kissing doctor. Educated at Boston College Law School, he practiced law briefly before writing the international bestseller The Art of Kissing, which has been translated into nineteen foreign languages. He has appeared on over a hundred radio and television shows, including Today, CBS This Morning, and The View. He has lectured on the art of kissing at more than four hundred colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada.

Q. I know how to kiss. Why should I take a lesson?
A. Because the kissing lesson is the most exciting, innovative, and romantic gift you can give the person you love. The two of you will arrive at the office of the world’s leading authority on kissing. In a relaxing and romantic environment you'll be guided through thirty different kinds of romantic kisses. By the end, you'll be more sensitive to your partner, more aware of how your partner is kissing you, and you'll find yourself counterkissing with more passion than you ever dreamed possible. 

Q. What are the benefits of the kissing lesson?
• You’ll learn thirty different romantic kisses.
• You’ll improve your kissing skill.
• You’ll enhance your kissability.
• You’ll become a better kisser.

Q. What will I learn in the kissing lesson?
• Women will learn how to please guys.
• Men will learn where women like being kissed best.
• You’ll learn lip-o-suction, the music kiss, the Trobriand Islands kiss, and many more.
• You’ll learn how men and women like to french kiss.
• You’ll become a more sensitive, passionate kisser.
• You’ll master the counterkiss, one of the most important kissing skills.
• You’ll learn to kiss for the sake of kissing.
• You’ll enjoy kissing more.

Q. Is the Deluxe Lesson suitable for experienced kissers?
A. Yes, the Deluxe Lesson is suitable for kissers from novices to experienced. 

Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Deluxe Lesson?
A. The major advantage is that you'll see each kiss demonstrated by a living couple. This allows you to see everything before you try it yourself. The only disadvantage of the Deluxe Lesson is that for extremely shy people it might be difficult to kiss in front of another couple.

Note: Both the Standard and Deluxe Lesson are PG-rated. They don't cover anything other than romantic kisses that appear in the author’s book.

Q. Is there anything else I'll learn?
You'll also get a compatibility analysis based on your birth order (the number of siblings you grew up with) which will help you kiss your partner more effectively. No other kissing lesson offers this advantage, and this topic is not covered in the author's book or DVD.

Keep in mind that this is a great gift for teens. Parents can order the lesson for a child who they want to learn how to kiss. Or it is a great gift to give your significant other. Imagine being able to boast to your friends that you completed a kissing course with the world’s leading authority on kissing, author of The Art of Kissing. People will be lining up to kiss you! And ultimately the kissing lesson is more entertaining that a night at the theater.

Q. Does the kissing doctor come to my home or must I go to his office?
A. No house calls. Lessons are only available in his office, which is in Westchester County, New York. By prior arrangement, lessons are also available in midtown Manhattan for an additional $20.

Q. How long do the lessons take?
A. A typical lesson takes about ninety minutes.

Q. Where is the kissing doctor’s office?
A. The kissing doctor's office is in a safe, suburban Westchester County, New York, neighborhood that's a hop, skip and a jump from Manhattan by car, train, or taxi. You can reach it easily by Metro-North from midtown Manhattan: Take the train from Grand Central and get off at Fleetwood station. It is a 15 minute walk from the train station. Or arrive by car at 689 Kimball Ave., Yonkers, NY 10704. Ample parking is always available. If it is a nice day, part of the lesson can even be held outdoors in our wooded backyard if you wish.

Q. Is the kissing lesson fun?
A. Yes, it is. Over 1,000 couples who have been instructed by Michael Christian can attest to the fact that it is fun.

Q. Where can I read more about the lesson?
A. You can read an online review of the kissing lesson published by New York Magazine on July 11, 2013.

Q. Can I pay for the lesson with a credit card?
A. Yes. Advance payment is required to confirm your lesson date, so either send a check payable to MICHAEL CHRISTIAN or use the button below to pay $155 for a Standard Kissing Lesson by credit card.

Kissing Lessons

For further info on the Standard or Deluxe kissing lesson, call today. You'll be glad you did. (We recommend scheduling your lesson at least a week in advance. Night, day, and weekend lessons also available.)

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