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How to Kiss with Braces

Dominique Swain
star of Lolita

Lots of young people worry about wearing braces. They think it will make them less kissable. But, guess what? It usually won't!

In fact, here's some good news for you—braces are actually becoming more in vogue as tongue rings are becoming more popular. Yes, having braces can actually attract people to you!

Look what happened in the film Lolita. Dominique Swain's braces actually worked to attract the hero to her!

Many guys have a secret desire to kiss girls who wear braces. And you can take advantage of this!

The above is just a sample of the kissing advice you can get from William Cane's books. No one knows kissing like William Cane.

Here's a final tip for you if you wear braces. Don't think of them as braces. Instead, think of them as if they were a tongue ring or jewelry. By thinking of them differently, you'll subconsciously attract more guys to you!

Learn to French Kiss with braces.

Can I get stuck if I kiss someone else with braces? Dentists have reported that this is unlikely. If it does happen, you can get unstuck by turning your head. When kissing someone who doesn't wear braces, allow him to run his tongue over your braces and don't be self-conscious. In many ways they're better than a tongue ring. They're safe, they're fun for guys to kiss, and they'll make you look good. In fact, some girls get braces even though they don't need them, just so they can look cute. Even guys with braces report that many girls are more interested in kissing them after they get braces.

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