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need more help? The Art of Kissing is here to help you learn everything you need to know about kissing. If there's something you can't figure out, email or call one of our friendly kissing consultants.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kissing

HOW TO HANDLE YOUR FIRST KISS . . .  You can always bluff your way through a first kiss! They'll never know it's a first, unless you tell 'em. Try a gentle lip kiss if you're a guy. If you're a gal, do the same, but keep your lips closed. If you open up, you're inviting a tongue kiss, also known as a French kiss.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU BANG TEETH . . .  Laugh it off. Tell your partner you're so very keen to kiss him or her that you're getting dizzy just standing so close. Dizzy with excitement! They'll believe you. Then get back to kissing . . .  and get dizzy for real.

HOW TO KISS PASSIONATELY . . The secret to great kissing is variety. Sometimes you're gentle, sometimes you're rough. Ouch! Tease your partner with a little bite on the lips—as if you can't control yourself and want to eat them up. Press your nose into your partner's cheek and hug 'em to you, like the Eskimos.


  • Bad breath—use gum to keep your mouth sweet.
  • Boring kisses—vary the intensity, the tempo, the duration.
  • Silence—every now and then say something sweet.
  • Too much tongue—don't suffocate your partner.
  • Rigor Mortis—keep your hands caressing your lover.

HOW TO FRENCH KISS . . . The secret to great French kissing is responsiveness. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you let your partner lead. Don't just use your tongue like a dart! For more advice, delve into The Art of Kissing by William Cane, which contains many pages on the French kiss. You might also check out William Cane's Kissing Blog.

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