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the vacuum kiss A vacuum kiss occurs when you suck the air out of your partner's mouth. It's best if you're not chewing gum. The kiss can be done at any time when you're kissing your partner on the lips. Most often the vacuum kiss happens by accident, but the best kissers always introduce some element of a vacuum kiss into any long make-out session (extended kissing and cuddling). This can be done by gently sucking some air from your partner's mouth. vacuum kiss In the film Coneheads (1993), Ronnie, played by Chris Farley, gets a vacuum kiss from his girlfriend Connie Conehead, played by Michelle Burke. Look at their mouths, how they're maintaining a good seal all around. This makes the vacuum kiss more intense because all the air is sucked into the mouth and none escapes out the sides. Ronnie places his hand gently around Connie's neck to draw her close, helping to maintain a good seal around their lips. Connie is obviously the more experienced vacuum kisser here. You can see how her lips are mashed tightly into Ronnie's as she vigorously sucks the air from him. This scene is a must-see for all who are considering trying a vacuum kiss. (Photo copyright 1993, Paramount Pictures)

How to do a vacuum kiss Doing a vacuum kiss involves sucking the air out of your partner's mouth. There's a whole chapter on the vacuum kiss in The Art of Kissing, and a whole section on it in the DVD. The greatest thrill when doing this kiss is the feeling of breathlessness it produces.

What can go wrong during a vacuum kiss? You must see the film Coneheads to see what could go wrong. In the scene pictured above, the boy gets all the air sucked out of his mouth and lungs. To prevent this, vacuum more gently.

What are some tricks I can do when vacuum kissing? You can surprise your partner with this kiss because 80 percent of people have never been vacuumed.

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