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need more help? For more help on how to improve your kissability, the best book is The Art of Kissing. Read it before he does!

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how to get boys to kiss you There are three things you must do if you want boys to kiss you: dress right, smile and act friendly, and flirt. If you do these things, he'll feel an unconscious desire to kiss you! sidewalk kiss Here's an example of how to get a guy to kiss you from the movie Bounce, starring Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow. Notice that she's dressed right (Well, you can't see all of her clothes in this shot, but take our word for it -- she is), and her hair is in a nice ponytail. The only problem is she wasn't smiling too much or flirting just before this kiss. It was almost like the Ben Affleck character felt sorry for her. You can see she still has a rather serious expression on her face as she's being kissed. To improve your chances of being kissed by the boy of your dreams, practice your smile and try to be in an upbeat, playful mood. Guys like girls who are fun to be with. Of course there are exceptions, and some rather artistic and intense guys like girls who are gothic, moody and nihilistic. If this is the type of guy you're after, then adjust your style to fit his. You might want to start carrying around a copy of his favorite book with you, just so that when you meet him you can pretend you're reading it. (This brilliant idea was sent in by Cindy from Spokane, a 15-year-old who said it worked to help her get to kiss her current boyfriend who was really into Harry Potter.) (Photo copyright 2000 by Miramax Films)

How to flirt Flirting involves saying nice things, teasing gently, or doing anything that shows your interest in someone. You can practice flirting by saying something cute to a store clerk, the mailman, or your bus driver -- whoever! Just tell him he's wearing a nice tie or that you like his shirt, or say anything nice that will make him smile. By practicing flirting you'll develop flirting confidence. Then when you see your secret crush, you can try a little flirting with him.

What can go wrong when i try to get a guy to kiss me? What can go wrong is that he might think you're being too pushy or aggressive. But so what? If you don't try something, nothing's going to happen, so you really have nothing to lose. Besides, if you smile and act friendly and flirt just a little, he probably won't think you're too aggressive because you're doing it just a little bit.

What if i'm shy? If you're shy, practice flirting to get over your shyness. If you're very shy because you inherited shyness (for example if your parents are also shy) then seek psychotherapy or counseling from your high school counselor. You can even practice flirting with your therapist or counselor.

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