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Need more help? To invite William Cane to your school to present THE ART OF KISSING or MATE SMART, contact his lecture agents, The Contemporary Issues Agency.

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William Cane's college shows Students kissing The Art of Kissing and Mate Smart: Birth Order and Compatibility are presented by William Cane at various universities across the country. The Art of Kissing features 30 romantic kisses done by students onstage. Cane directs the show by rehearsing couples for an hour beforehand. The show has been presented at more than 400 schools, and Cane was nominated Lecture Entertainer of the Year by NACA in 2001. Mate Smart is a celebrity birth order show. Learn what celebrity you're most like, which celeb you'd be most compatible with, and also what career you'd be best at. (Photo: Matt Miller, a sophomore, and Meg Gordy, a junior, demonstrate alternative kissing spots during The Art of Kissing presented by the Union Board at Indiana University. Photo Copyright (c) 2006 by Nick Kostidis.)

The Kissing Show

William Cane is the pen name of Michael Christian. This clip features footage from his college show, The Art of Kissing.

The above clip contains highlights from the kissing show.

This clip features the neck kiss and the dentist fantasy skit from the kissing show.

This clip features William Cane on Japanese TV talking about kissing. His remarks were translated into Japanese by the host.

This clip features William Cane on TV on September 17, 2013. The segment was recorded on September 10, 2013.

Lecture Agents

For information on how to invite William Cane to lecture at your college or university, contact:

The Contemporary Issues Agency
809 Turnberry Drive, Waunakee, WI 53597-2256
President: Kevin Moore, Vice-president: Jayne Moore
Phone: (800) 843-2179

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